About Bliss Travels

Click here  to see a video of where we go and what Bliss Travels trips are like!

Click here to see a video of where we go and what Bliss Travels trips are like!

Founded on the idea of providing special, hard-to-find experiences for people traveling in France (and now Spain and Italy), Bliss Travels’ trips deliver just that...unique and immersive, custom vacations and events that cannot be replicated without the special, in depth knowledge of cultural insiders and local residents. 

The big bus tours have generic, crowded vacations covered. The airlines, high end credit cards and travel agents have the “do-it-yourself” upscale market. Bliss Travels is different. We have personal relationships with local providers who grant us exclusive access to sights, services and experiences most tourists never have. Bliss travelers have a truly authentic and personalized “insider” travel experience, one that others cannot replicate.

Bliss Travels offers custom vacations, special event planning for weddings and family celebrations, as well as one-of-a-kind vacations centered on food, wine, photography, art and other topics. No matter what the topic we provide customized activities to suit your energy level and interest. Our low-key approach to vacations  and our flexible scheduling provide a smooth flow of experiences as travelers become immersed in an in-depth experience. 


Click here  to see a TV interview of Wendy

Click here to see a TV interview of Wendy

About Bliss Travels’ Owner - Wendy Jaeger

Wendy founded Bliss Travels in 2003 after leaving the practice of law. She has traveled throughout France for more than 30 years, but by 2002 she began spending extensive time in France in order to develop her significant expertise. Now she spends up to half of each year in Europe seeking new, exclusive experiences for her clients. She has extensive experience in many regions of France, Tuscany and Spain, and has developed relationships with chefs, restaurateurs, hotel and private inn owners, artists, artisan producers, farmers, and other locals. This allows her travelers to have exclusive access to things unavailable to most tourists. She provides unique insight, bridges the cultural gap, and allows her clients to experience authenticity in an effortless and enjoyable way. 

Wendy can be reached by email (wendy@blisstravels.com) or by phone at 609-462‐6213


About Bliss Travels' Artistic Director and Marketing Support - Anthony B

Anthony also co‐leads educational trips involving art and photography. Anthony has extensive experience in marketing, creative services, photography, international travel and most things digital. On educational trips, Anthony’s relaxed but informative approach  enhances the travel experience. Anthony’s enthusiasm, and people skills have made these events and trips extra special since 2010.


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The Great People Who Work With Bliss!

In the United States: We have local people who work in travel planning and design, as well as traveling on client trips of certain complexity and size. Alice J, a former Sorbonne student, has resided in Paris and Niger and has traveled with us for more than 5 years. She has a dual degree in French and International Relations, experience in the Peace Corps, extensive teaching experience (both French and English) and is Bliss Travels tireless secret weapon for delivering top-notch service.  Sumner B. also assists Bliss Travels with special travel projects, on and off site. A lover of all things French (especially art, history and culture), she has lived in Europe, spent summers in France throughout her life, and has studied French for the last 8 years. She brings boundless enthusiasm to each project.

Our technical super-heroes and website people are working tirelessly as well.

In France: We also have an extended Bliss Travels team in France, made up of locals. This includes local guides in Paris (ask for Michel) who work extensively with us, restaurants that provide us with one of a kind exclusive experiences in Paris, and private chefs all over the countryside who work with us to design our one of a kind menus. Plus, we have amazing private drivers such as Philippe, Jean Marie, Vincent and Gaetane who keep things moving! When it comes to wines, we have access to some remarkable, not open to the public places because of the valuable, wonderful people we work with --wine makers like Charly, or sommeliers like Camille, and a list of 'too many to mention' --people from Burgundy to Bordeaux to Chateauneuf du Pape and beyond. All of these special people allow us exclusive access to private cellars, wines that are 'sold out' or hard to find, and many other extras that others only dream about.

In Spain and Italy: We have wonderful special guides both in Barcelona (Mike & Sandra) who seem to know everything, including how to get you in without waiting in long lines! We have tapas chefs who are constantly providing new and exciting menus only for us, and special venues for our parties. In Italy we have two fabulous guides (the two Micheles) as well as an art expert whose enthusiasm is boundless. We have professional, courteous drivers like Jaques and some amazing small private luxury properties with fabulous hosts in both Florence and Montepulciano. When it comes to "insider access" and top foods (Massimo's special menus -yum) and wines (thank you Roberto) we have all the right connections.

Last but not least, we also have the benefit of special connections with professional educators and hotel staff with whom we work in tandem. 

These people are our friends and coworkers and it’s our pleasure and theirs to share their knowledge and excitement about these places with you.