Provence Weddings, 2017*

*limited dates

Provence Wedding

Wedding and Reception Proposal includes:

  • Custom symbolic ceremony
  • Photographer for 4 hours (1 ceremony and 3 post ceremony, reception), plus DVD of edited photos (additional coverage possible, at additional cost)
  • Bouquet for bride
  • Champagne toast for 15 adult guests
  • Dinner reception, variety of venue types offered
    •  garden setting, with view
    • hilltop setting
    • rustic setting in ancient site, with panoramic views
    • restaurant setting (several choices including romantic wine cellar)
  • Reception dinner to include 3 courses, custom menu and  special dessert.
  • Possibility of babysitter during the meal and reception for kids. 
  • Music (recorded soundtrack made to order), or live (1-2 musicians)
  • Specially chosen wine with reception dinner.
  • All Bliss Travels services included:
    • All consultations prior to travel
    • All reservations, confirmation and payment to all vendors on your behalf and on behalf of your guests
    • Wedding/Event planner onsite for every scheduled event (wedding ceremony, reception.welcome aperitif and any events you or guests add as optional.

Proposal based upon 15 attendees (different numbers are possible)

Prices for above: Start at $9,200
Prices for above: Start at $9,700 for May 20-25th 2017.

Prices for high season dates start at $11,000

Lodging and Travel details for guests and bride and groom

Minimum 6 rooms (or 12 adults)

  • 5 nights luxury inn with panoramic views, private garden, pool, wifi, and individually decorated rooms (typical room photos below)
  • Private car/van and driver for transportation to/from Avignon TGV to our inn (1 per 4-7 guests). Bride and Groom can have a private arrival and departure transfer.
  • Full gourmet buffet daily. This includes juices, coffee, tea, home baked croissants, brioche, baguette, butter, jams, fresh local fruits, cheeses, ham, yogurts and cereals. Specialty cakes and other treats are also served
  • Welcome aperitif hour with wines and Provencal appetizers on arrival day
  • Private walking tour of the village in which you are staying (1 hour)
  • Bliss Travels welcome gifts in each room

Price per adult: start at between $1,100 and $1,500 per person (including bride and groom). Prices +/- for fewer or greater number of rooms or different luxury levels of lodging.

Price per child 5 and under: $600
Under 2 years old, please request price.

Note: Some rooms are triples and can accommodate a family with children. Room photos below.

Note: Rooms must be guaranteed, and the wedding deposit will first go to cover any empty rooms. 

Prices based upon a minimum of 6 rooms (or 12 adults).

Option to add on, at additional cost: 

  • Post wedding brunch or lunch in a country auberge or other sort of restaurant with a private menu. 
    • Includes round trip private transportation to/from the meal with private driver
    • planner and translation present for meal
    • special 3-4 course country meal, of top quality served with top local wines

Price: Approximately $110-$125 per adult, minimum 10 adults.

  • Private wine tasting event with wines from all over France. A 2-3 hour event
    • includes private venue for tasting
    • 6-9 top wines from all over France, including Chateauneuf du Pape, Burgundy and Bordeaux
    • Tasting can be educational, blind or without comment as you prefer (we can have someone lead it or not)
    • appetizers for pairing with wines (light meal)

Price: $100 per person. Minimum 10 people required.

Additional items:

  • Cooking lesson AND/OR dinner (even reception) in a michelin starred restaurant. This can be a separate event before or after the wedding.
  • Private tours with transportation to other villages and sightseeing

Recommendation: Additional items should be offered once guests have booked lodging and they can sign up as they like. We manage all of that, providing additional travel options, additional nights, and additional sightseeing. The Bride and Groom needn't do anything other than book their wedding events and their room.

Thank you for leading us on a magical journey throughout Provence!
— B.A. May 2013

Prices vary by date and by size of event. Availability is only confirmed upon deposit. Refund is issued only for lack of availability or failure to meet the specific quote.

Payment terms: Initial good faith deposit of $500, after which, venue names are released and wedding restaurant chosen. Then 30% is due. Second payment of 30% is due usually 6 months in advance.. Final payment due minimum 90 days in advance. All other policies for payment are outlined in our contract and release. 

All travelers must sign standard release and Bliss Travels contract.

Inclusions: Everything stated as included in the estimated prices.

Exclusions: airfare, anything stated at "optional". Train tickets.


Provence in fall

Provence in fall

We had an amazing time. Each event was more than we could have imagined; everything went off without any complications, and all of our guests went out of their way, multiple times, saying how great everything was. So a BIG thank you....
— From EK August 2015 Wedding