The Photography Option


Photography offers something for everyone. If you have a camera, you can capture the beauty of this wonderful destination. And, we do it in a way that allows you time to "focus", while other travelers indulge in the things that make their time abroad exciting. Nobody "waits" around. Our trips are small enough that we can accommodate all sorts of preferences.

This is designed for photographers of all levels - beginners, intermediate and even pros.
Just starting out? Recently purchased a new camera and want to get off of Auto mode? Perfect! We provide instruction every morning. And since we only travel in small groups, instruction is personalized for you. Want to talk about shutter speed and aperture? No problem. Want to explore composition and the elements of an interesting photo? You got it. What about post processing and creative production of your photos? We cover that too. 


Do you have a significant other or traveling companion who isn't so into photography? Or maybe you are more interested in wine tasting or shopping or museums than photography and want to visit Provence. Don't worry, we're used to that. Our trips always have a mix of people and we accommodate their special interests. We want everyone who comes to have an enjoyable time and a customized experience. That's why we only take small groups of under 12 people --and for trips of 10-12 people we have two trip leaders so that there are always choices of what to do.

So for those not into photography, we provide opportunities to do the things that most interest you or to move at a different pace than the photographers who might wish to take their time and focus on their photos.

I wanted to thank you for an incredible week!! Everything we did was so perfect, I cannot thank you enough….Anthony [Bianciella, our photographer] is the one of the nicest people I have met in a long time. I really enjoyed being on the trip with you….and experiencing all that Bliss Travels provides.
— L.H. New Jersey, May 2012

Photography Books

Bliss Travels, in partnership with Anthony Bianciella Photography is now offering custom photo books of the places we visit in France. 


These books highlight our stunning destinations and 'off-the-beaten-track' experiences. We also include special stories about the regions of France and Bliss Travels' Provencal recipes for you to try at home.