Planning a trip is almost half the fun! So, here are some tips and a great video that gives you do it yourself tips on viisiting Paris. 

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Travel Tips

1. Book early. Airfare is at its lowest and right now airlines are offering great deals for travelers willing to book early.

2. Compare "apples to apples". Consider all of the travel expenses when deciding whether to book a trip piecemeal on your own or to use a travel provider. For example, if a hotel offers a great rate, make sure that you are getting all the other things the tour company might be including. That's often not the case.  [Wifi, breakfasts, museums, guided tours/walks (type and size), wines (quality and quantity), meals (not just number, but also quality --a sandwich is not equal to a 3 course dinner), transfers to/from tourist sites or airports/trains,  tips, taxis/metro... are all things you might not add in when comparing prices]

3. Travel with others. Travel with friends or at least overlap your trip with them. Often you can get a discount for booking multiple rooms. Include your child and consider staying 3 to a room. Both of things things will reduce the per person price.

4. Pack lightly --but smartly. In winter, bring comfortable shoes and boots. Plus pack thermal socks to keep your feet warm while you saunter through the Christmas markets all afternoon. The hand held heat packets people use for skiing are great to carry (they are small) and keep in your pocket for a cold day. Dress in layers so that you can accommodate a variety of weather conditions without having to pack your entire closet. And save room in your suitcase, or pack a nice folding bag, so that you can bring home all of those cool purchases.

5. Surviving airplane food. On the way over, sleep! You'll be much happier when you arrive. On the way back, pick up something in one of your favorite gourmet shops and take that on the plane for your lunch. Enjoy one last "French" meal while on your way home.

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